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  • Product Name: UFO-7(NEW)
  • Product Number: UFO-7
  • Charge port:
  • Charge Time:
  • Battery life:
  • Size:
  • Frequency response:

Dongkri is a vibration response preamp. It also has wireless
transmission function with rechargeable battery. It's easy to
install in a good position on your guitar (eg. body top), no
need to make holes in your guitar body. It works with Belcat's
wireless receiver.
- 1 Volume 1 Tone
- Function : Phase S/W for Anti Feedback
- Charge port: Micro USB
- Frequency response : UHF
(corresponding with Belcat wireless receiver)
- Charge time: 2h
- Battery life: 6h
- The range of transmission : 30M
- Size : Φ57 x 16(mm) (2.24" x 0.63")