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  • 产品名称: MITO-200M(NEW)
  • 产品编号: MITO 200M
  • charge port:
  • charge time::
  • Battery life:
  • Frequency response:
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Wireless sound-hole preamp MITO-200M will upgrade your guitar sound.
The sound sources are coil pick up and microphone which is specially
designed by Belcat.
It also has wireless functions and avoid the inconvenience of connecting
cable, and has a built-in rechargeable battery.
Belcat developed wireless systems, perfect digital transmission system.
We ensure sound quality of your guitar. There's no loss in sound quality
and delay during transmission. It can not be affected by outside signal.
It can be connected to Belcat wireless receiver as a pair.
- Wireless preamp
- Coil pick up and built-in MIC inside the sound hole.
- Charge port: Micro USB
- Frequency response : UHF
(corresponding with Belcat wireless receiver)
- Charge time: 2h
- Battery life: 6h
- Control Range : VOLUME, TONE, MIC-VOL., MID CUT
- Transmission range : 30M
- Color of selection : Black, Red , Ivory