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BELCAT is mainly engaged in speakers, pickups, effectors, and a variety of self-developed products have patent rights and various quality and safety certifications. It is an accessory partner designated by a famous brand company.

Product Details

Include Jazz bass plate, which can be converted to active & passive.
* You can change the middle range. and It's a bass preamp with various
performance styles.

- Features : 3Band EQ
- Input Impedance : 2.2MΩ
- Frequency Response : 20Hz~20KHz
- Control Range :
Bass : +/-12 dB at 60Hz
Middle : +/-12 dB at 500Hz
Treble : +/-12 dB at 10KHz
- Battery Life : Over 700Hours
- Power Supply : 9V Alkaline Battery
- Function : Middle Range 1: 250Hz
Middle Range 2: 430Hz
Middle Range 3: 720Hz