I-3U(For Uklele)

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BELCAT is mainly engaged in speakers, pickups, effectors, and a variety of self-developed products have patent rights and various quality and safety certifications. It is an accessory partner designated by a famous brand company.

Product Details



Control Functions

Gain ---- Sets the amount of gain or distortion in the overdrive Channel higher setting provide additiomal distortion.

Volume ---- Control volume from zero to full.

Tone ---- Bass to treble tone control.

Input ---- Power on and connection for instrument. 

MP3 IN ---- Connect the MP3 and other external source equipment.

Phones ---- Output for stereo headphones. Automatically disconnects the internal speaker.

DC Jack ---- Requires DC9V adaptor 500mA(min.) not supplied.



Output Power ---- 3 Watt

Speaker ---- 3.0 inch,4 ohm

Dimensions ---- W158mm x H133mm x D75mm

Weight ---- 335g(Including Battety)

Battery ---- 9V(6F22 Type)



Amplifier fails to function ,please contact your local dostributor.

Under no circumstances remove the back panle of the amplifier while it is Connected to main supply.