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Feb. 25, 1988, Belcat Products Co. founded in Yangju City, Korea.

Dec. 23, 1996,  Belcat second factory was founded in Guangdong China.

Apr. 29, 1999, Belcat Products Co., the original company name was changed into Belcat Co., Ltd.

Nov. 01, 2001, the 3rd factory was founded in Qingdao China, which mainly produced

                        guitar amplifiers and coil pickups for elec-guitars.

March, 2006, Belcat HK office was founded in Hong Kong to promote marketing and sales.

Oct. 06, 2007, the 3rd factory in Qingdao was merged with the 2nd factory in Guangdong.

March, 2008, PT Belcat Co., Ltd. was founded in Jakarta Indonesia and the production started

                      in October, 2008.

October, 2009, Belcat Electronics Ltd was founded to produce a loudspeaker in Guangdong


Since 2014, Belcat has begun applying the wireless solutions into its own products.

Feb. 2015, Nohman Co., Ltd. was founded in Korea for the wholesale of musical

                  instruments and guitar accessories.