Great Simple Design! 
40 Watts Rechargeable Acoustic amp with Bluetooth function.Woofer 8" Inch with Tweeter Speaker Units.The most natural representation of acoustic sounds.Available in 40W output for the outdoor stage and the solid ensemble.And the size to a minimum,and boasts a compact design.


The new sound of a new sensation.
Meet New product for compact size of pedal series.
Distortion, Overdrive, Delay, Chorus, Phaser, Tremolo, Blues Drive, Vintage Compressor, Fuzz, Flanger, Blood Drive.



Sound Hole Pickup SW-500

Upgraded SW-500 Series : No need to cut guitar side body for Equalizer, play guitar body with finger, keep original sound quality and adjust sound with switch knob.

Preamp BS-4000

The BS-4000 is a removable, built-in battery box with an equalizer.No need to open one more hole for the battery box, easy to replace battery.The price is reasonable, the quality is good, the noise is low and the output signal is very high.


Video introduction

This video shows Busker box 40.
Simple Design! 40 Watts Rechargeable Ukulele amp with Bluetooth
function. Woofer 8" Inch with Tweeter Speaker Units. The most natural
representation of Ukulele sounds. Available 40W output for the
outdoor stage and the solid ensemble.